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ISO certificates

Our company has been ISO-certified since 2019 and is among only a few in the region that holds ISO certifications, making us stand out in Central Europe. Our clients can be confident that we follow ISO standards, as they are audited annually to ensure compliance.

Sopoltrad holds 3 certificates:

Our company prioritizes quality management by collaborating with qualified linguists, monitoring their performance, implementing rigorous quality control processes, conducting regular audits, and maintaining the highest standards of quality in all language-related services.

What this means for our clients:

  • Commitment to meeting the highest industry standards and continuous improvement
  • Quality control of each project to ensure completeness and compliance with instructions
  • Regular internal audits to identify potential areas for improvement and facilitate the company’s constant growth
  • Assurance of terminology coherence in all projects
  • Collaboration only with qualified linguists who live in the target language country and specialize in a specific field
  • Implementation of a system to monitor linguists’ performance to ensure consistent quality and continuous improvement of the linguists’ pool

Our resources

Our qualified linguists are professionals who have training, education, and experience in their respective languages and specialize in specific areas. The linguists we cooperate with have the following qualifications:

  • A degree in linguistics or a related field, such as applied linguistics or philology
  • Language proficiency – fluent in one or more target languages, with a deep understanding of the grammar, syntax, vocabulary, and context
  • Only native translators living in their respective language regions – Polish in Poland, Slovak in Slovakia, etc.
  • The vast majority work as full-time translators; it’s not just a side job for them
  • Work experience – extensive experience in the language industry
  • Specialization in particular fields – e.g. medical, legal, technical, etc.
  • Positive results in our translation test required for all linguists willing to work with us

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